Gift certificates
Take advantage of the certificate by JASMINE™

Every woman dreams of a miracle! She wants to receive beautiful lingerie as gift because it's about love and care. Our gift certificates 500, 1000, 2000 are a simple and elegant answer to the question: "What does a woman want?"

Don’t you know what to present to dear person for the holiday? Would you like to congratulate your soulmate brightly but you can not find the right option? The best solution is a gift card certificate "Jasmine"!

Do not know where gift certificate from Jasmine can be redeemed? It's very simple! You can use it in one of our branded stores! Just choose the closest store in your city! For now certificates are not accepted in the Internet store. But we are working on it:)

Certificates by Jasmine

A gift certificate is an ideal gift.  The occasion hero will accept it with an euphoric mood. A gift certificate can be easily ordered from our website online and sent by Nova Poshta courier directly to the person who owns the gift, thereby making an even bigger surprise. Also staying at a great distance from his beloved woman, a man can surprise her with his attention and manifestation of the most tender feelings, buying and sending gift certificate to her on-line.

Popularity of certificates as a gift

Sometimes it is difficult to find a gift for a woman, even being near her, knowing her taste preferences. If woman dreams of a beautiful underwear, a man will always support her in this direction, as he will have a lot of positive feelings too watching how his beloved woman becomes charming and incredibly sexy. However, it is risky to buy any wardrobe item by yourself, because you never known how it will fit to the figure, how the style and color of the product will suit. It is possible to bypass such obstacles, if you buy a gift certificate from us in the Jasmine lingerie online store. A woman can get not only the opportunity to purchase beautiful and original underwear, but also get a lot of pleasure from being in euphoria at the moment of choosing the desired lingerie. Jasmine store offers gift certificates for women with a nominal value of 500, 1000 and 2000 hryvnia. Every man realizes that if he presents certificate for underwear to his darling, she will choose what she wants. The gift will not only be bright, but also memorable for a long time.

The advantages of a certificate as a gift to woman

Modern men and women prefer to buy gift certificates in stores, because they were convinced of the advantages that accompany such shopping. Among these are:


• significant time savings as it eliminates the need to move from one trade establishment to another in searching of suitable gift;

• fixed amount. The possibility to spend for gift an unpredictable amount is excluded;

• probability of mistake to buy a wrong size is excluded;

 • excellent option when you need to choose gifts for a large number of people with different tastes;

• gift certificate excludes the possibility of purchasing an another product, especially when it is not possible to control the expenditures with designated purpose. A gift certificate is often preferred by business leaders to encourage their subordinates or cheer them up on holidays.

Where gift certificates can be purchased?

Gift certificates for Birthday, New Year, 8th March, 14th February and other important dates can be purchased in several ways. First of all, when you visit the Jasmine store, you can contact employees with such a question. They will not only answer the question of interest how and where to buy a gift certificate but for sure also inform you about all the nuances. A gift certificate gives you the right to purchase any product from the assortment of the Jasmine retail store. You can’t use the certificate in other commercial establishments selling similar products. You should also take into account that it is also impossible to return money for a previously purchased certificate.