04 April 2019

Many of us faced with the idea of choosing clothes according to the color type: the appearance will be even brighter, and the look will be more harmonious. As it is said - “stylists recommend” :) The logic is iron - choose colors that suit you according to your color type. What do we think about this? Everything is absolutely right, stylists do not lie!

But this rule applies not only to clothing (skirts and blouses), but also to your lingerie wardrobe. After all, everyone has such a situation that it seems that the cup of bra is sitting well, and the thongs emphasize the charm of the figure, but still “it is not good enough.”

So, my dear, often it's all about color: the same model of lingerie will look quite differently on different girls of the same physique. Because a lot depends on the color type to which you belong: snow-white winter, flower spring, sunny summer or bright autumn. Well, let's see what palette of lingerie is right for you.


Snow-White Winter - Snow-White?

In fact, a snow-white winter does not necessarily need to focus on its snow-white, but rather on the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize its bright individuality with contrast - that is, rich black color. Black is perfect for girls of winter color type - elegant, sophisticated and minimalistic, it will become a bright accent of your look.

That is why, you should pay attention to the sets of lingerie made in this noble color: lace bras and panties will complement your image with exquisite intrigue and light elegance.

By the way, a small guide on color types - if you are Snow White, then:

  • you have dark hair

  • you have fair skin

  • you have brown or dark blue eyes

Did you recognize yourself? Then go ahead in search of the “that” set of lingerie that will drive you crazy! Of course, in the good sense of the word :)


Flower Spring - Tulips, Lilies, Peonies?

Spring came! Hurry to choose juicy and rich colors? Wait a little bit :) Spring type people should wear bright, clean and rich colors, because spring is literally lost “in mouse hues”. Consider that too saturated colors can absorb all the natural tenderness inherent in the people of this color.

That is why it would be better to pay attention to the pastel pink and peach hues: their lightness will accentuate your tenderness, trembling and delicacy.

Lace sets in a peach color - this is a must-have of your lingerie wardrobe. It will make you truly shine.

If you are Rapunzel, then:

  • you have fair skin with a golden or yellow hue

  • you have blond hair

  • you have bright blue eyes

Hurry up to choose your perfect lingerie in JASMINE!


Sunny Summer - What About Colors?

Bright sunny summer inspires us to rich colors and hues. But the main thing - do not overdo! Give preference to color that perfectly emphasizes your bright energy and will not take too much attention. What is this color? Think you're lucky - it's coral!

Why lucky? Because it is the coral color that is recognized as the color of the year and the most trendy models cannot do without this delicious hue.

By the way, JASMINE brand has prepared your best of choice. Pay attention to the EDEM collection in coral color. It will make you not only a “stylish fashionista,” but also give you confidence in yourself.

If you are Cinderella, then:

  • you have a bright milky skin tone

  • you are a bright blonde

  • you have blue-gray or bright blue eyes

Bright Autumn: Bitter or Milk Chocolate?

And why the chocolate, you ask? Well, everything is simple: it is these chocolate hues that are very suitable for the autumn color type. At first, it may seem that this is a slightly “limited” spectrum of the palette, but in fact, the autumn type can offer a lot to its owners.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the hues of brown color: from light brown coffee with milk to dark brown bitter chocolate. This range of shades favorably emphasizes the refinement and sophistication of this autumn color type.

Secondly, warm colors with a hint of gold are suitable for autumn, and here it is already close to beige and yellow colors. But we offer something more than traditional chocolate - the color of praline, which, by its name, already suggests tenderness and contrast at the same time. This hue is able to emphasize the autumn features as much as possible!

If you are Belle, then:

  • your skin is yellowish-golden with a warm shade

  • you have medium blond, dark blond or brown hair

  • you have bright green or brown eyes

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