02 January 2019

Well, well ... here comes the long-awaited 2019 year, and everyone is ready to proceed with the fulfillment of goals, tasks and promises. Well, not everyone ... and obviously not ready for the tasks ... :))

The year 2019 promises to be saturated, if you believe all-powerful and all-knowing horoscopes. The Chinese horoscope, horoscope by means of the zodiac signs, flower horoscope - they are all full of hope and inspire us to achieve success in the coming year. And what about the lingerie horoscope?

Yes, yes, you’ve heard right, there is a such one! 😊 Only it looks like a psychological test for defining the character, temperament, etc. And it is based on your preferences and tastes, but not on the date of your birth.

So, everything is very simple: choose lingerie that you prefer to wear (or which prevails in your wardrobe - sometimes these are different things) and find out what your intimate thing will tell about you.

Basic lingerie of white, black and beige colors

Simply put, everyone's favorite "base". Lovers of this type of lingerie are most often conservative in some way, as they prefer the long-beloved classics rather than the fashionable, modern and super-trend models of lingerie.

But it does not mean at all that these conservative girls are such “mousy” or “ordinary person”. Rather, on the contrary, their bright personality is best manifested in contrast to the restraint of basic lingerie. They are characterized by moderate self-confidence, and at the same time, they highly value “convenience and comfort”. On the one hand, they will have a brilliant business meeting with a very important client, but at the same time, when it is needed, they will throw everything to hell and run away from the ship to the ball.

Characteristic features: moderate self-confidence, conservatism, politeness, discipline, calm, patience, a wonderful sense of proportion and style.

Printed lingerie

The print can be different: from teddy bears and unicorns to magical colors, incredible patterns and ornaments. Fans of lingerie with a print are such storytellers and dreamers who are waiting for their princes and a miracle. And by the way, their miracle is not necessarily the stereotypical prince with a white Mercedes.

Dreams of these girls are quite different: family, career, apartment, car, travelling, freedom, etc. But one thing unites them - the ability to embellish and exaggerate. And nothing, and no one, dares to tell them that they live in rose-colored glasses. After all, who said that the pink reality is unreality? 

Characteristic features: creativity, sentimentality, kindness, optimism, mercy, sincerity, modesty.

Lingerie with lace

Yes ... Sexy and carefree girls who radiate their sexual energy and frantic desire. But not everything is so banal. In fact, lingerie with lace can tell a lot about its owner.

Girls who prefer lace lingerie are very vulnerable and romantic natures. Their energy is manifested in something else: a radiant smile drives people around crazy, and a certain carelessness gives the image lightness and airiness. But do not think that such girls "live in the clouds" - they know their worth and can often seem to be rude and impolite.

Characteristic features: vulnerability, femininity, cheerfulness, talkativeness, good sense of humor, stubbornness.

Lingerie with mesh

Oh, these transparent and seductive models ... Such lingerie makes unusual impressions ... in fact, its owner is the same unusual personality!

Lovers of such lingerie are always extraordinary girls who are not afraid of their “inner self,” and boldly show it to those around them. Assertive, purposeful - such girls always achieve their goals and do not see any obstacles in their path. But at the same time, one should not forget that behind such a bright and bold individuality lies a gentle and very sensual nature.

Characteristic features: creativity, courage, individuality, self-confidence, assertiveness, purposefulness.