13 May 2019

Have you ever thought about how important this or that pattern in lingerie is for you? I think, yes :) After all, the first thing that attracts our attention lies in it - in the pattern or print that adorns our bras, panties, belts for stockings, etc.

Someone is delighted with floral motifs, someone likes an unusual print in the form of a goose foot, and for someone a small pattern on the panties will be quite enough. But, it is worth noting that the main thing here is the other - grace and mastery with which every detail of the ornament are made. Let's talk about this in more detail.

A small spoiler: you will be delighted with such a presentation of the material!

Lace in details

You can talk about lace around the clock ... By tradition, elegant lace is one of the most popular details in lingerie. And no wonder! Thanks to its tenderness, lightness and airiness, lace has won the hearts of the most demanding fashionistas of the world. And floral lace ornaments sometimes just drive you crazy (no, it’s too early to go to a psychiatrist :). In the lace patterns we can meet peonies, and anemones, and magic roses, and just utter rampage of different colors, buds and bouquets.

Just look at the elegance of German lace: floral motifs are very clearly visible on the lines of bra, and sexy Brazilians are often stunned by the art of lace and flower decoration.

By the way, it is worth noting that each girl will be able to choose her own lingerie according to the character) All you need to do is to take a closer look at the details.

Weaving effect

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, yarn and knitting needles, as well as a knitted scarf or grandmother's socks ... But! Everything is much cooler :) The effect of home weaving creates amazing lace (long live to the ancient art of weaving macrame), which repeats floral patterns, while creating irresistible weaves and illusions.

And you should also pay attention to the color palette: the effect of weaving looks especially elegant in azure or peach colors. Each one casts their warm and touching memories ...

Printed canvas with an illusion effect

Caution! The following content is fascinating and very impressive.

What do we know about the illusion effect? Oh yeah, this is when you see something that really does not exist. A rather primitive definition, but we are not Wikipedia :) So, what is the effect of illusion in lingerie? First of all, it is a French print with an ornament, which, strictly speaking, creates the effect of an illusion.

In our case, this is a floral pattern that fascinates with its magic: it seems that the flower blooms before our eyes with every touch.

Striped flight:

Another leader in the trend race is the striped print. No fashion brand has missed variations on this theme: jackets, trench coats and even bags are made “in striped tones” or in a “marine stripe”

JASMINE offers bright cotton lingerie set decorated with traditional striped print in blue and white colors. This set always inspires a vacation: the sea, the sun, the beach and a striped flight ... :) Have a nice summer and exciting trips!