18 January 2019

Many of us faced with the problem of "deciphering" the lingerie: thanks to modern trends, the fact is that we see fashionable novelties with a no less fashionable name. And more often than not it is hard to understand “who is who.”

Yes, it seems that modern philologists are striving to add new words to our lexicon. Well, it does not matter: we are happy to fill up our vocabulary and get a master's degree in linguistics. At least in the lingerie area:) 

Tank-top Bra

Tank-top bra - this type of bra can be a little bit scary because of its name, but, in reality, we have nothing to fear. This bra is distinguished by its design. Straps cross on the back, which is very beneficial for wearing all sorts of T-shirts. At the same time, straps can be decorated with lace, which, of course, adorns the cruciform back of the bra.


  • straps do not slip
  • suitable for all sorts of T-shirts
  • different cups can be used


Triangle is a bra model where the straps are made in the shape of a triangle. Yes, these straps are quite massive, but thanks to the lace, the model looks stunning. This bra can be either with a soft cup or molded one. Such a bra slightly resembles a sports model, but at the same time the triangle remains a very stylish bra and does not trail far behind compared to sports collections.


  • lace wide straps
  • different cup shapes
  • comfort

Holter bra

Holter-bra is a bra model completely covering the chest to the base of the neck. This model has appeared recently, but nevertheless, it has confidently won the top positions among the trend bras. This type of soft bra is most often made using lace.


  • covers the chest to the base of the neck
  • soft cup
  • visually lengthens the silhouette


Balconette - a model of a bra with a wide bodice, where the upper part of the cups visually creates a straight line. Simply put, it is an improvised "balcony", when the chest is ideally placed in a cup while the upper half remains open, giving it pomp.


  • perfect for open tops
  • removable straps
  • gives "pomp"


Bando - bra model, reminiscent of the top: a model made in the form of a wide strip of fabric that supports the breast with a carcass. Bando - a type of bra with a soft cup, which is suitable for owners of small busts. But at the same time, the carcass perfectly supports the breast, not allowing it to lose its shape.


  • carcass
  • ideal for owners of small breasts
  • maximum comfort


Bralette is a type of bra without wires and any kind of push-up. Soft as a princess bed ? The main feature of the braletts is the lace back, which draws all the attention. And it is not surprising! Such decorative back will be a bright highlight of any look. Bralette emphasizes the natural beauty, shape and size of the breast, and at the same time it gives an unprecedented feeling of lightness and comfort.


  • lack of wires and carcass
  • lace back
  • concept “lingerie as an outerwear”


Brazilian, often referred to as "American" - is not a characteristic because of nationality, but a fashionable and stylish model of panties. The back of the panties a little less than the front, that is, covers half of the buttocks. This model is very popular among fashionistas, as it elegantly emphasizes the buttocks and at the same time is very comfortable. The back of these panties is decorated with lace.


  • lace panties back
  • visually increase the shape of the buttocks


Slips - a classic model of panties, where the front and back are about the same size. They cover the buttocks, but are not too closed, which allows you to wear them under all sorts of clothes. This model is as comfortable as possible.


  • "eternal" classic
  • cover your buttocks well

Well, now your explanatory dictionary on lingerie has been replenished with a couple of newfangled terms. And now we are ready to use their benefits to the full extent! )))